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Mr. Shield's AP Biology: Home


For this assignment, student groups will select a contemporary issue related to biology/science and take a pro or con position on the issue. Students will thoroughly research the issue using books, scholarly articles, authoritative websites etc. In-class library time will be provided.

Presentations: a full period debate between two groups of two.  Each side presents an opening a statement (2 min) and two major arguments (4 min each) and a closing statement (3 min).  Also, each group does a 2 min cross exam of the other side after their arguments.

Possible Topics:

  • Using Gene Technology to Extend Lifespan
  • Animal Testing in Medical Research
  • Genetically Modified Food
  • Physician Assisted Suicide
  • Cloning
  • Using CRISPR to modify human embryos

Newspapers & Journal articles

If you are using these databases from home, you must have username/passwords found on library website.


Books & Book Chapters

Search the Destiny Catalog for more lengthy books that can provide more detailed analysis of your subject. These books can be found in the tall stacks. These are just examples of the books you can find.



Understanding In-Text Citations

Background Information

For background information, statistics, facts and general overview, it helps to start with one of our online encyclopedias. These are secondary sources.

Specialiized Encyclopedias

Specialized encyclopedias can help you gather more specific information on your topic - narrow or broaden your search. Use the Pascack Hills Library Catalog (Destiny) to find reference books specific to your topic.

Browse the reference shelves to find books about your subject and time period; use the index and table of contents to locate information within the book a about your specific topic. These are just a few recommended book with contain information on topics of interest.