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Super Bowl: Boom or Bust for Host Cities?: Home

This guide explores the economic realities of hosting a major sporting event like the Super Bowl.

History of Sports in America

Super Bowl Sunday!!! Broncos vs. Panthers, Feb. 7

Essential Question

Is hosting the Super Bowl an economic windfall for cities, towns or states? Are the taxpayers reaping the economic benefit or just footing the bill? Hundreds of millions of $$$$$$ are made on the Super Bowl but who is making the money? 

Gather information from various sources and analyze the economic realities of the hosting a Super Bowl . 

Bias in the Media

Asking Good Questions


Read & then Discuss Online

  1. Find & critically read 3 articles (title, author, please)
  2. Formulate a list of analytical questions based on your reading
  3. Log in to class discussion on Canvas
  4. Post several questions for your classmates
  5. Answer questions posed by your classmates


  • Newspaper, magazine or Internet articles can be used but must be authoritative, bias-free info.
  • As you read, look for surprise information
  • Analytical questions require more than a yes & no. Asking why or how requires more analysis. Questions should be answerable, but not immediately and not the same answer from everyone.
  • Good answers require thoughtful explanation based on research & understanding. (i.e. . . because, based on this info,  . . . ) Answers must be based on evidence found in your readings.
  • Discussion mean participation! You must add new info to discussion to get credit.

Here's the Issue

Getting Started