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Pascack Hills High School Library: Research Tools


Returning students should already have created logins for themselves for NoodleTools

Incoming Freshmen and students that are new to the district will need to create a login for themselves. 

  • Click on this link to Sign In
  • Below the sign in area, click "Don't have an account? Register"
  • Use the School Username and Password found HERE for NoodleTools (this will only work for Freshmen and new to the district students). Please make sure you are signed in with your Pascack email to access the username/password sheet!
  • Use your Pascack user id as your personal id when registering! It will be the easiest way to remember it later!

Video Tutorial - Coming Soon to Canvas!

If you need additional help feel free to contact the library staff!

NoodleTools Revalidation!

NoodleTools Revalidation

Some students are having trouble revalidating their NoodleTools accounts.  If prompted to revalidate, e.g. a window "Revalidate Personal Folder" appears, students will need to enter the school's authentication information. 


This information is found HERE (you will need to login to your email to have access to this)! Look for NoodleTools Revalidation at the bottom!


After students revalidate, they will then need to log in with their personal username/password to access their account (upperclassmen should have created their own when they were freshmen or new to the school). 


Students do not need to create new accounts if they are not freshmen or new to the school!!


New students and freshmen will not need to revalidate since they are not in the system, but they can use the same username/password combination for their home school (Hills or Valley) to create a new account for themselves. I will create a Lesson on Demand in Canvas for students that need to do this.


If students are still having revalidation issues please have them contact me so I can follow up with them on my end.